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neatcontainers3When I received the Neat Containers in the mail I was beyond curious. I am all for preserving the sexiness of my shoes and a brand new way to store my shoes is always a plus in my book. Let me first say that I just erected new shoe units for my shoes, but these Neat Containers are spectacular. What I love the most about them is that fact that they are easy to assemble and take apart–that is very important to me as I don’t have time to waste and wouldn’t want to spend several minutes just trying to open a container. Additionally, I love the fact that they are clear too and you can see what’s in side without having to open them up. As you can see from the photos above when I arranged some shoes in the containers they were still easily identifiable and I could just reach up and grab the pair I needed. As you can see if I use these containers I would double the capacity my shoe units can hold and I like that! They also come with an easy grip handle! Win!

An added plus about the Neat Containers is that they come in a variety of sizes that will fit flats, sandals, very high heels (most of mine are 5 inches) and tall booties as well. I love that because no two pair of shoes are alike. I like the way they connect as well. I positioned some on my units but you can stack these 2 or 3 high on a closet shelf and just slide one container out without disrupting the others in the stack. That’s pure genius! What I love as well is the fact that you don’t have to limit these to shoes. I have some with my accessories. I’ve divided them up and use one of the larger ones for my bracelets (cuffs and bangles) and the smaller for earrings while the medium sized one is housing my necklaces. These Neat Containers are so versatile that you’ll be the most organized that you’ve ever been in your life.

Note: Business owners (depending on what you sell) can use these to store products and merchandise. Think inventory!

Start off you New Year in a more ORGANIZED fashion with Neat Containers!

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