What I Wore to the Relationship Conference in Virginia Beach

PrincessDominiqueIt was a little brisk as I headed out. I was a speaker at the Where is My Boaz? Where is My Ruth? Dual Relationship Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday. I spoke on Marriage and how to keep your marriage intact, after you say, “I Do”. I touched on more than just keeping the sex healthy, but how to “Be Loving” to your spouse and how to Keep the “Boundaries” intact and TURN OFF those blasted devices so that you can connect with your spouse.

accessoriesSeveral people asked about my accessories. Well, my lipstick specifically was Shocking Pink by NYX. You can get it here for about $6. The dangling 3 strand black bead earrings my sister made. They are made to order. You can inbox me or leave a comment if you’d like a pair. And the sunnies are Emilio Pucci and they are my favorites.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink.

NinaShoesI paired a cute vintage looking 2 piece black and white sweater set with a silk pair of Nina shoes. My outfit was simple and classic. I pretty much sit around in my leggings and tees so when I have the opportunity to dress up I take it so I enjoyed myself immensely and I was thrilled to be able to share what I know about relationships.


This tip is from my Facebook page:

One point I made in the relationship conference was teach people to respect your quality time with your spouse. When you get home from work is NOT the time for family and friends to start calling and texting and emailing you about non – emergency information that can surely wait. It’s the time to PLUG IN to your spouse after being away from each other all day. Marriages don’t run on cruise control. Give couples breathing room. Couples don’t be afraid to turn your phone OFF! Learn to unconnect from the world and connect to your covenant.

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