Those Elusive MOR Candles

Yes this is a six figure product.

Years ago someone sent me a MOR candle. She had a shop with a lot of pretty things and she was liquidating. I purchased a candle directly from her inventory and when I received it in the mail it was broken. However, the candles smelled so delicious that I remember sitting the broken candle and glass pieces on the counter just so the gorgeous fragrance could waft through my home. Today I woke up needing candles really badly. The woman I normally purchased candles from was Yum Yum Candles and she lived in New Jersey, however, she closed her shop.

So I went searching for these MOR candles only to find them just about SOLD OUT everywhere in the United States. MOR is an Australian company, however, I did grab a few candles on clearance from various outlets. Trust me, they were not cheap, but I simply adored their fragrances and the packaging is sooooo pretty. I didn’t know which to choose. Blood Orange enticed me at first, but after an exhaustive search I couldn’t find that scent anywhere, so I opted for Lychee Flower, Indian Pomelo and the Hibiscus Bloom. I can’t wait for them to get here. It’s insane what you have to do for a candle nowadays.

 GET IT HERE. (Hurry! They’re on Clearance!)

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