There Truly Is a Bra For Everything

I received an Aerie gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own.

Just when you thought that your one “staple” bra could make do and go from dropping off the kids at school, to your 9-5 day at work, to running errands, picking up the kids and figuring out dinner and then occasionally date night and everything else in between, you discover that there is truly a bra for everything! Gone are the days of wearing the same sad bra under every outfit and trying to workout in it too only to find that it’s not giving you the kind of coverage that you need. As summer approached and my wardrobe expanded I found myself in this very dilemma, what do I wear under the cute spaghetti strap sundress or strapless sundresses and Aerie solves that for you. What I love the most is that their selections are old-fashion and stuff, they’re fun, hip and will incorporate easily into the trendy wardrobes that many of us already have.

aerieJust like fashion is ever changing every true fashionista should have a bra to fit every style she loves and Aerie has just what you need to stock your wardrobe with the best bras out there. Just check out their 9 Bras that Every Girls Needs chart above (see the full graphic and read more tips on Aerie’s blog). My absolute favorites from their charts are the full coverage that I normally wear under almost anything (and you’ll probably pick it as a favorite too), the demi, that I mostly reserve for date night with hubby and the “bare” that comes in handy for my evening and summer strapless outfits. This is definitely a style to choose when you still want major coverage. Oh and definitely the “sports” for my morning walks and sometimes runs!

I’d love to know: How many bras do you own? Which of these 9 are your favorites? Which do you really need to purchase but haven’t gotten around to just yet?

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