The Savvy Time Management Manual

TheSavvyTimeManagementManualLinda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland is a midwife to entrepreneurs and helps them give birth to their dreams. She also assists bloggers, ministries and authors with increasing visibility and understanding social media as well as how to effectively network and create buzz about their products and businesses. She helps position them to create multiple streams of income through her Grow Your Dreams Network. Her own blogging endeavors landed her an appearance on The Today Show to dish about one of her favorite things, “Why Women Love Shoes.”

Time is the one thing that many business owners, students, mothers, and people in general wish that they had more of. Whether it’s a meeting that exceeded its allotted time or a last minute appointment you have to cancel because you’re stuck in traffic, many people miss deadlines, fumble through projects, miss important events and are left so worn out that they don’t have the energy left to enjoy life. In The Savvy Time Management Manual Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland will show you have to manage your time more effectively, tackle your endless to do list and increase productivity so that you can get back to enjoying the things that you truly love–life.

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