The Princess Needs a Little Sunshine



I’m changing. Let me first be honest. I know I’ve said it already but December was a VERY difficult month for me. Not just because of my milestone birthday and Christmas and all that but because there is just so much going on with me, my family as well as the people around me. In December I pulled myself together long enough to write: “An Ode to My Mom and Her Dream” and when I was finished all I could do was call my husband at work and fight back tears. And if that wasn’t enough my blogger friend Nellie wrote: “Christmas Show, Special Needs and God With Us: Thank You Very Much Mr. Roboto” and I cried again. Then as I was looking for motivating articles to share with my wellness group on Facebook I discovered this post” “This is What It’s Like To Find Out The Best Mom in the World Has Parkinson’s Disease” and you guessed it . . . more tears. Yes, because my Mom was diagnosed too and I’m still trying to come to grips with it. Awww boy. I need stock in Kleenex. But on a happier note, I do have my eyes on these pretty shoes. Finding them totally added a little sunshine to my day.

Edit: I bought these a size too small because they were SOLD OUT everywhere. I have the stretchers in them but they’re not really stretching because they’re fabric based not leather. Sigh.

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