The A-Z of How to Go From Idea to Savvy Blog in Less Than a Day


So, you want to start blogging. Well, as you know I’m Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland and I’m the Grow Your Dreams Midwife and my blogging endeavors has landed me a feature on The Today Show. I started blogging way back in 2000 when it was still fresh and new and more like an online diary than anything else. I used a host of platform from DiaryX to Blogger as my platform and sure you can use those too if you like. Most people initially gravitate toward them because they’re FREE but as with anything FREE there’s always a catch.

I remember hosting a blog on Blogger and wanting to post something very monumental. I believe it may have been the winner to a giveaway I was hosting and that morning I woke up and Blogger’s servers were down–not just for a few minutes, but HOURS! And this didn’t just happen once or twice, it was an ongoing thing with them. Anyone who is serious about blogging and desires to make money from blogging I tell them in The Savvy Blogger’s Manual, you should OWN YOUR BRAND. You can’t afford to host your blog on someone else’s server and risk the chances that it will keep going down. Their down servers will cost you money. Lot’s of it. So again, you should own your own brand. Yes, that means, even your website. That’s why I suggest WordPress. And when I say WordPress, I’m talking about installing WordPress “in” your domain, not getting a FREE WordPress site that reads like “’. Remember, you don’t want to rent space one someone’s website, you want to own your own.

I see so many people who mean well, they have crazy looking headers, no sidebars, things just kind of jumble together and make no sense, but because they’ve been using what they’re using and doing what they’re doing for so long they’re afraid to change. Fear will have you looking crazy! So, here we are. I’m going to walk you through start to finish on how to set up a blog and have it ready for the world to visit and have them saying “Oooo!” and “Ahhh!” and have you looking like a true professional, or at least like you know what you’re doing. Ready?

Step 1:

The first thing you’ll want to do is  GRAB YOUR DOMAIN NOW! runs these really cool $1.99 domain specials. Your domain is whatever you want to call your blog. Remember you don’t want a FREEBIE site. You want to brand yourself. Make it something catchy. Something that will be easy to share and say in radio interviews and something you can live with for years to come. CLICK THE LINK to get started. You should be prompted to create an account. Please keep your log in information somewhere safe. Once you get to the checkout, using my link the domain shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars with tax.  Celebrate a bit, you are on your way. At least now you have a domain!

Step 2:

Now that you’ve secured your domain you’ll want to secure your hosting. Hosting is what’s going to actually “house” your blog and who you’ll pay your rent to every month. It’s where all of your photos will be stored and anything else you need to upload to your blog i.e. music, videos etc. I use and I love them. GET WEBSITE HOSTING TODAY!

They will prompt you to create an account as well.  Please keep you log in information for them in a safe place as well. Once you secure your hosting you’re done for now.

Step 3:

Now you’re about to do the most important part. I’m going to walk you through how to link your domain to your hosting account. Many people ask me, why don’t you just get the domain at And you can do that if you’d like to just out of that step, however, most people who come to me want to get started for the cheapest amount possible and I haven’t found anything that beats a $1.99 domain! Listen, sometimes it even goes as low as $1.49. After the year if you decide that you want to transfer your domain to and start renewing it over there, you can do that. But for now, let me walk you through the steps on how to tell your domain at that you’re going to be hosting your blog at otherwise known as “changing” or “pointing” your name server settings.

Before you get started contact at and find out what your hosting nameservers are. Just bring up a chat box online and tell them that you purchased a domain with and you want to point the nameservers to Ask them which two to use. will require them to know where to “point” the domain that you purchased. will give them to you. Write them down somewhere safe. Make sure you list them as Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2. Once you have your nameservers you’ll be ready to log in to your account.

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Log in to your account.

From the PRODUCTS menu click LAUNCH next to DOMAINS.


Check the Box of the domain that you’ll be changing the hosting on.

blogging tutorial2

Hover over the NAMESERVERS link in the Menu and select SET NAMESERVERS.




Now you can put the Hostgator nameservers that the representative provided into the two fields below. Then click OK and then SAVE.


Please Note: Nameservers can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

Propagating is the process by which computers across the internet update their information from one another. Sometimes the update can happen in as little as 24 hours and sometimes it takes 48 hours. Once the update takes place you can proceed with Step 4.

Step 4:

Now that your DNS (domain) and all the hosting is matching and pointing the right direction, it’s time to ADD ON your domain and then get started actually BUILDING your blog! This is actually the EASY part. Are you ready?

Log in to your Hostgator Control Panel with the information that was provided at sign up.

Under “DOMAINS” in the Control Panel Click on ADDON DOMAINS.

Type in your complete domain.

Skip down to PASSWORD and enter it TWICE.

Click the ADD DOMAIN button.

Once you’ve successfully added your domain to your Account you can proceed to the WordPress Installation portion of the process. You’re really almost done! WordPress will give you the flexibility you need as a blogger and I HIGHLY recommend it. With WordPress you can use plugins and a variety of other awesome things. I’m telling you, if you aren’t using WordPress you are not only giving yourself TONS of extra work, but you’re missing out on some great features that can increase traffic to your blog and make sharing your posts easier too.

Step 5:

You should still be in the Control Panel. Scroll just down to the Software/Services section and you’ll see the Quick Install Icon. Click it!


On the left under blog software click WORDPRESS.


Click on CONTINUE.


Select the DOMAIN that you want WORDPRESS installed on and fill in the rest of the fields and options i.e. the blog title, first and last name etc. The system will also send you an email to the email address you provide in this form as a back up. Save it. You will use this information to log in whenever you need to access your blog to create a post, install a plug in, upload a photo or do just about anything related to your blog.



After you’ve successfully installed WordPress you should see a “Congratulations!” message like the one below with a link to click here. Click that link, and it will bring you to your newly installed WordPress blog!


Step 6:

Here’s where it gets really fun. I’m going to show you now how to get your blog beautified or at least more professional looking so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Truth is if you want people to visit your blog it has to not just “exist” it has to be appealing too. If you take a look at my header you’ll see I had my header created specifically for me. It’s pink, eye-catching and doesn’t take up too much room at the top of my blog. When you log on you can still see my posts and look around at some other things as well.

Log into the WordPress portion of your website with the link and information you were provided in your CONGRATULATIONS message.


in the menu bar you’ll see a couple of tabs. Click the MANAGE THEMES TAB. This will allow you to manage or select from the themes already made available to you on WordPress. If you’d like to upload a brand new theme, like a pretty theme that you found on the internet then you have to click the INSTALL THEMES tab. Then once the page loads, click the UPLOAD section in the menu. This will allow you to search and select a zip file to upload to your WordPress so that you can INSTALL and ACTIVATE it.

When you type in your BLOG url your should see that your THEME is LIVE!

Now that you have a blog you may want to learn how to make money from your blog. I can show you how to do that in The Savvy Blogger’s ManualHere’s what they’re saying about the book:

“Lots of incredible advice for bloggers to use. Cannot wait to start using it when I restart my blog very soon!” – Debra J. Mosely

“I was excited when Linda shared that she was publishing a book to help bloggers monetize their blogs. This is it, folks! Practical information we can use immediately! I can’t wait to get a few moments to implement even a couple of Linda’s recommendations on my blog/website!” – Shelly Love

If you have any problems leave me a comment! Need more business focused information? You can find that information on my website. If you are interested in setting yourself up to make passive income streams, That’s my niche! Grab my FREE offer here.

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