Pretty and Pink in Valentino + Lilac Casedei

pinkdressI always fall in love with these GORGEOUS pieces prior to seeing the price tag! Looking for a pretty pink dress for book cover photo and I stumbled upon this one. I don’t even remember how.

Okay so I have a book of relationship tips coming out. I want to be “on” the cover. This pretty pink dress just floored me when I saw it. I have the perfect shoes for the dress too. They were orginally going to be my wedding shoes but I upgraded my wedding shoes. They’re a pretty lilac Casedei triple platform pump. You probably don’t get the “full effect” of the lilac in this photo but I think it would seriously do the cover justice. The dress however is Valentino. So of course that means the price is BOOM! POW! Get the details here. Decisions, decisions.

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