9 Fall 2015 Must Haves

2015 Fall Must Haves 2

Germanee Gerald, the creator of The Prada-G, blog is an assistant merchandiser at Old Navy and a stylist in the San Francisco Bay area. Joelle Purifoy, the creator of The Colors of Joelle blog, is a Master’s of Fashion Design candidate at SCAD and a merchandising intern at SPANX, Inc. in Atlanta. Brittany Curry, is a full time coordinator and model at a local boutique in Washington, DC.

All three of these fashionista’s target Millennials, whether in the workforce or in the hallowed halls of higher education. They all share their own distinct personal style, paired with current trends to inspire other women.

Get inspired, and learn how to rock their nine fashion must-haves by visiting these three brown beauties’ blogs:

Germanee Gerald: http://www.thepradag.com
Joelle Purifoy: http://www.thecolorsofjoelle.com
Brittany Curry: http://www.onethousandbc.com


Fall Cute Boot Alert

It’s Fall, it’s time to throw on a pair of leggings and pair them with cute boots all day, all night, every weekend, go to the movies, go to dinner, put on a blazer and go to work and so on. Here’s my quick and easy round-up that won’t break the bank from some brands I totally love. And remember, when you buy quality (not brands that construct their products with rubber soles) they last and can be resoled season after season.


I love the fringe of the Arctic Burnished Boot in Camel. They come in other colors too but there’s just something about the camel colored suede and fall leaves turning colors that does it for me. Yes!



These Jeopardy Mesh Booties are on the money. You can’t wear them in the cold but they are sure on and poppin’ for the in between weather.



The cut outs on the Acomplise booties are cute. I love the mauvish purple color too!



I can always count on Jessica Simpson for affordability. I love this shoe boot. It slides on and has an elastic enclosure for a comfortable fit. Gorge!


This Girl Is Anointed Tee – Grab One!


I love a tee. I’m partial to vintage tees but this one fits the bill. It’s VERY popular right now and the orders are coming from EVERYWHERE. It seems that all the ANOINTED entrepreneurs want one. It says “This Girl Is Anointed For Kingdom Business.” It’s comes in a soft v-neck and a crew neck too. Both have a slight curve and are made to fit a woman. They are very true to size and you can snag one before they run out!


Misty Copeland and Olu Evans Engaged!


Ballerina Misty Copeland opened up about awhile ago about her lawyer boyfriend (now fiance) Olu Evans:

It took me finding a person that respected me, that allowed me to still fulfill what i wanted in my career. That was most important to me. I always said, ‘no man is coming in and taking me away from ballet.’ And that was so important to me that the person I ended up with was going to support me in every way, because my career is so important to me.”

“And I knew immediately when he wasn’t afraid of hearing or seeing me so damaged – and that he wanted to help because he cared about me as a person.”

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer



I am a SUCKER for pretty packaging. I would buy this polish just for the bottle. So, adorable. Shades pictured are “Plastic Beach” (top) and “Fauntleroy” (bottom). I’m sure you remember Hard Candy polish from back in the day. This is the same creator. Here’s what it says:

Smith & Cult was created by beauty veteran Dineh Mohajer, the voice of our beauty junkie, who revolutionized the color cosmetics industry when she launched Hard Candy. Several years and creative collaborations later, Mohajer is bringing about the next evolution of beauty with Smith & Cult.Smith and Cult’s Nailed Lacquer consistently delivers both flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine. While custom tailored to provide high performance, the exclusive 5-Free formula is formulated without Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.


Those Elusive MOR Candles

Yes this is a six figure product.

Years ago someone sent me a MOR candle. She had a shop with a lot of pretty things and she was liquidating. I purchased a candle directly from her inventory and when I received it in the mail it was broken. However, the candles smelled so delicious that I remember sitting the broken candle and glass pieces on the counter just so the gorgeous fragrance could waft through my home. Today I woke up needing candles really badly. The woman I normally purchased candles from was Yum Yum Candles and she lived in New Jersey, however, she closed her shop.

So I went searching for these MOR candles only to find them just about SOLD OUT everywhere in the United States. MOR is an Australian company, however, I did grab a few candles on clearance from various outlets. Trust me, they were not cheap, but I simply adored their fragrances and the packaging is sooooo pretty. I didn’t know which to choose. Blood Orange enticed me at first, but after an exhaustive search I couldn’t find that scent anywhere, so I opted for Lychee Flower, Indian Pomelo and the Hibiscus Bloom. I can’t wait for them to get here. It’s insane what you have to do for a candle nowadays.

 GET IT HERE. (Hurry! They’re on Clearance!)

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Moschino Bear Bag




When I saw this bag I nearly lost it. It’s so cutely juvenile that I’d wear it with my chucks and a summer dress. A bag is an accessory so that’s what I filed it under. What do you think? Yay? Nay? I love the cross body cuteness. You can probably dress it up but I prefer it for dress down occasions. Think of it as taking your favorite teddy bear with you when you go out.


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Lascivious Seamed Heart Stockings

lasciviousseamedstockingsI must tell you that planning my vow renewal ceremony is just about as hectic as planning a wedding. I have been searching high and low for the perfect stockings and I love these because I wanted something seamed and I adore the cute heart at the top, however, they don’t come in white *sad face* so I’ve determined that everything under my dress, including my stockings will be black. I look better in black lingerie anyway. If you haven’t checked out the UK brand Lascivious here is a link.

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FitGirlNikki.com Selfie Tee and A+ Customer Service

I just put the finishing touches on The Savvy Customer Service Manual and in there I share how important all the little EXTRAS are to me as a buyer. I just bought this tee from Fit Girl Nikki and I mean her packaging is EXCELLENTE! From the mailing envelope, to the branded bag that my tee came inside of to the DREAM BIG card with a personal note and branded silicone bracelet that came with my order in a cute drawstring bag–I AM BLOWN AWAY! To me that says, “I put my customers first!” Check her out, buy a tee and check out the video!


You know you want one of these tees!

Visit FitGirlNikki.com

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