An Evening in Traquil Blue Hues

bluepolyvoresetI love a dash of color here and there. I also love the mix of blue glitter in the clutch and the skin of the python shoes. The ruched dress also gives more text to the look so I thought a smooth earring would pair better. I’ve never been a blue or a royal blue person but I’d definitely wear this.

Asymmetrical Dress, $95
Gianmarco Lorenzi Python Pumps; $1030 
Wendy Mink Double Drop Earrings; $249
Anya Hindmarch Valorie Clutch; $550 
“Blagger” Butter London Nail Enamel; $14

Update: These items are SOLD OUT!

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Versace Lace Up Open Toe Boots


I adore these. I’m sooo in love. Why do I envision myself wearing these with torn jeans and a baby tee? Remember is The Home of The Weekly Shoe Giveaway so you never know what brand you’ll discover that we’re giving away. In the meantime if you love these as much as I do…


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You’ll Love Neat Containers

neatcontainers3When I received the Neat Containers in the mail I was beyond curious. I am all for preserving the sexiness of my shoes and a brand new way to store my shoes is always a plus in my book. Let me first say that I just erected new shoe units for my shoes, but these Neat Containers are spectacular. What I love the most about them is that fact that they are easy to assemble and take apart–that is very important to me as I don’t have time to waste and wouldn’t want to spend several minutes just trying to open a container. Additionally, I love the fact that they are clear too and you can see what’s in side without having to open them up. As you can see from the photos above when I arranged some shoes in the containers they were still easily identifiable and I could just reach up and grab the pair I needed. As you can see if I use these containers I would double the capacity my shoe units can hold and I like that! They also come with an easy grip handle! Win!

An added plus about the Neat Containers is that they come in a variety of sizes that will fit flats, sandals, very high heels (most of mine are 5 inches) and tall booties as well. I love that because no two pair of shoes are alike. I like the way they connect as well. I positioned some on my units but you can stack these 2 or 3 high on a closet shelf and just slide one container out without disrupting the others in the stack. That’s pure genius! What I love as well is the fact that you don’t have to limit these to shoes. I have some with my accessories. I’ve divided them up and use one of the larger ones for my bracelets (cuffs and bangles) and the smaller for earrings while the medium sized one is housing my necklaces. These Neat Containers are so versatile that you’ll be the most organized that you’ve ever been in your life.

Note: Business owners (depending on what you sell) can use these to store products and merchandise. Think inventory!

Start off you New Year in a more ORGANIZED fashion with Neat Containers!

Visit the website at

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The Nicole Richie and Joel Madden Wedding (12 Photos)

I’ve always liked Nicole Richie. Her style, her attitude, the way she put her past behind her, launched her own jewelry line. She’s a woman on the comeback. I really really dig that. I mean, we all make missteps, but it’s what you do after that matters most. Her wedding was beautiful and that dress is totally making me swoon! I love the personal touch of their names embroidered on the sleeve of her wedding dress.

NicoleRichieWedding12Photo Source: People, German Star Magazine and TMZ

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Peach Cobbler for My Mom – Easy Recipe

As I was updating this site there were many posts like this one that I contemplated deleting. But the Lord said (impressed to me) that there’s a lesson in this. My Mom passed on to glory in 2014, however, I look back to the date of this post in 2010 and truly wished that I was consistently a six figure earner because it would have made it possible for me and hubby to have more moments like this, where I could just show up and do fun things with my Mom without having to worry about not having enough money to do things. Thankfully I’ve broken through to the realm now where lack will never be a part of my life again. Enjoy the post and the recipe.

I made peach cobbler for my Mom on Thursday. Funny thing was that I was one of the first ones to dig in. I am addicted to peach cobbler so much so that I don’t make it often because I fear eating an entire pan myself. I always have it with vanilla ice cream. Delicious! I made the crust from scratch (which isn’t that difficult). I don’t even have a recipe. I’m like my Mom and Grandma, we just wing it! I think there’s a corner of a pan left. Guess who’s going to polish that off in less than 10 minutes!

peachcobbler2You can pretty much say that it’s going, going, gone!

Here is the flaky butter crust recipe:


  • 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup butter, chilled and diced
  • 1/4 cup ice water


  1. In a large bowl, combine flour and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in water, a tablespoon at a time, until mixture forms a ball. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.
  2. Roll dough out to fit a 9 inch pie plate. Place crust in pie plate. Press the dough evenly into the bottom and sides of the pie plate.

Here is a great “Southern” Peach Cobbler Recipe from I’m going to try this one next time.

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A Minor Obsession with White Furniture


I told you I was in decorating mode. I can’t tell you how much I love white furniture. It’s just so clean and crisp. When I saw the bed at the top, it made me think of at least 10 reasons to sleep in instead of getting up so early in the morning. I believe if we absolutely LOVED our beds and our bedrooms you wouldn’t be able to pry us from them so easily. I wish I could find out where to get the headboard or at least a sofa version of the headboard for my office. And the dining room set oh, it’s just Ah-mazing! I love baroque furniture (the ornate swirly designed type). I can’t wait to build our home so that I can start decorating.

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Accent Pillows Give a Room Personality

zebrapillowsI love this zebra print. This is not the black and white version but rather the chocolate brown version with an off white. I’d love to snag at least 4 of them but they don’t go with any color scheme we currently have.

lovepillowI have been blogging less because I’m in creative mode. My wheels are spinning and I anticipate decorating. This pillow definitely gave me an idea of what I’d love to create. Something similar but a little different too. I am smitten with the teal color and can’t wait to pair it with white.You can get these from Honey Pie Designs on Etsy here.

pinkdamaskPink is my favorite color. I want at least 6 of these. This is an amazing pillow. I can already see myself curling up on a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon lounging, just lounging. Haha! Grab a couple on Etsy here.

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Myra Multi-Color Cutout Wedge from BeBe

MyraWedgeThis is the Myra Multi-Color Cutout Wedge. I just ordered these babies. I couldn’t resist. I needed a pair of shoes with red in them. The navy in them will go great with denim too. The awesome thing about these is that they’re from BeBe. Yep. I was just whining about all the drama surrounding getting my ClubBeBe card, well I ordered these on a day when they were offering DOUBLE POINTS! How awesome is that?

I think they will be sexy with a sundress, capri pants, shorts, jeans or anything. Get them now. Shoes at BeBe don’t last.


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You Should Get Brides Magazine Too!

brides3The strangest thing happened to me a week ago. I started receiving Brides Magazine out of the blue. Just started getting it with my name on the subscription label and everything. I KNOW I didn’t sign up for it because I’m cutting back and don’t really do magazines much anymore. But on a long drive to Maryland I had fun flipping through and rabbit-eared a ton of pages to things I will be sharing with you soon. Thank you to whomever gifted me with the subscription. They must know that I want to renew my vows in a year or two or three. It has been most helpful. Mwah!

Brides is written for a woman engaged to be married. She comes to Brides for help and inspiration in creating a wedding that, while being uniquely about her and her fiance, will also delight her friends and family. She expects Brides to help her stay on budget as it walks her through the nuts and bolts of the wedding process, using timetables, dos and don’ts, checklists, and other user-friendly devices.

12 Issues Only $11.95!


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My Favorite Christian Louboutin Styles From 2009



If you’ve been by my little domain here you’ll know that I have a love affair with Christian Louboutin. I’ve featured his shoes, love the platform shoes in particular and rave about anything with the certain shape and style of the selections above.

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