Simple Cat Eye Tutorial


I’m not 100% certain who to credit with this awesome Cat Eye Tutorial, but it’s fool proof. There is almost no way that you can goof it. All you need is an Eyeliner Brush, an Eyeliner and Scotch Tape. I’m going to try it although I find it quite easy to achieve with a liquid liner. But if you try it this way, let me know. We are at your beauty service!

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Whimsical Vacation Manicure


I found this fun, whimsical looking manicure on Pinterest. Isn’t it adorable? I love not just the peach color that goes well with so many colors, but I also love the sparkly gold glitter and the palm tree on the nautical striped background. This is going on the DIY list!

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I Love Pink, Black, Yves Saint Laurent and Coach


I love this set. I created it on Polyvore earlier this year. I thought the dress was so cute and the cut out in the front really sexified it a bit. The pink Coach bag is a WINNER! And the Yves Saint Laurent heels make me swoon. My goal was the snag this entire outfit, but first the dress sold out, then the bag, and you know the rest. At least I can still look at it.

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Yarose Shulzhenko is Number Two On My Favorites List


Yarose Shulzhenko is trying to make me ruin my good name and my word to not by another pair of shoes until September. Well. At least it’s almost September, right? I’m so in love with these. I don’t know if its the heel or the platform or just the overall feel of them. But they look like red velvet cake! Adorable. So cute I could eat them. They are on my list. I need these.

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Olcay Gulsen Bumped Up to Number One On My Favorites List


Fall in love with Olcay Gulsen. I did. From the moment I saw the heel and the variety of colors I was sold. And trust me, if you’ve followed this blog for any time you’ll know it doesn’t take much to sell me on a shoe. Simple a gracious heel and a doable platform. I’m stalking those snakeskin print heels on the last shelf. Mine. I’ve been on the website at least 10 times and they’re not back in stock yet. I’m waiting. They will be mine.

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The Perfect Girlish Two Tone Manicure


I love this manicure. When I first stumbled upon the photo on Pinterest I thought to myself, “Yeah, I’m gonna do that!” But I am really saving it for something special. Like a birthday or an anniversary. I’m going to opt for the silver glitter. I already found something glittery by Essie. I’m trying to identify this PINK though. I love it. Not too loud. Not too soft. Gorgeous!

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Shades are the New Black


Sunnies, sunglasses, shades, eyewear, frame candy: whatever you call it, fashion-wise you can’t deny that it’s the new black. In the 70′s I bought my first pair of shades. They were less than five bucks. They were purely for glamour purposes and I thought I was looking rather model-like in them, of course. No protection blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays mind you, but it didn’t matter-it was all about matching my outfit; they were an accessory. Nowadays however, although most online retailers still list shades in the “accessories” category of their websites not only is no outfit complete without a pair of shades, but the shades itself can in fact make the outfit. Throw on a pair of jeans and a tee or a cashmere sweater and a flirty skirt, top it off with a pair of shades and-voila! Ultra fabulousness.

I had gone years without owning a pair of shades. After years of squinting in the sunshine and using my hand as a sun-visor I relented and made my first purchase of designer shades about 8 years back. I’ve never really been a shades person, they just seemed so trivial and the fact that people often left them behind at movie theaters, restaurants and doctor’s offices helped prove my theory that they lacked any genuine importance. In search of the perfect shades, however, I walked into the department store and made my way over to the eyewear section. Before I could even reach the counter I saw them: Jackie O style, wrap around, tinted, un-tinted, rimless and even shades littered with rhinestones. I dove in, tried on at least a dozen pairs and finally found the best pair that not only flattered the shape of my face, but protected my eyes.

Erinn Morgan from All About Vision says, “fashion aside, sunglasses serve an important purpose: protecting eyes from the harmful rays produced by the sun.” She goes on to say, “ideally to best protect your eyes shades must block out at least 85% of ultraviolet (UV) rays to be effective.” Thankfully, with the bevy of designers now making affordable eyewear available in a host of complimenting styles, from $20 to $150 and up you can be sure to find a pair to fit your fashionable budget that is guaranteed to not only accentuate your face, but to dress up a casual outfit in thirty seconds flat. Shades are definitely the new must have black and everybody should own at least one good pair.

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Lauren Luna Elizabeth Peep Toe Pumps


LaurenLunaplusWhen we featured Artist Lauren Luna on our website previously I knew she was something special. There are those you know who are destined to making their mark on the world and instantly I could tell that the assessment that I made fit her to a tee. I got a pair of her Lauren Luna brand manufactured heels in the mail over a month ago and I fell totally in deep adoration. I love shoes, however, not all shoes meet the criteria to be included in my collection. There are those you wear and end up in the corner and those that get prime positioning on your coveted shoe shelf. These definitely fit the “prime positioning” bill. The Lauren Luna Elizabeth Peep Toe Pumps are made of quality leather, the peep-toe is ample enough to show off your fresh pedicure and the heel a manageable 5 inches high–meaning they are high enough to accentuate your legs and style without being so ridiculously high that you almost break your neck trying to walk in them.

I love to see brands grow and blossom so I’m thrilled at everything Lauren Luna Ltd. is doing. Having worn them, I can tell you firsthand that these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in awhile. There was no toe pinching, no heel slipping, nothing to detract from their overall beauty. A lot of shoes I find pinch here, or are a little tight there, but these are all around comfy. We are looking forward to collaborating with her brand to bring you a unique limited edition style that will be available in our online boutique. If you are an avid shoe lover like me you definitely want to check out this brand. Also check out some of the designs she’s created using the Elizabeth Peep Toe Pumps. Leave a comment and definitely tell your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter friends.

Sidenote: The top and middle photo contain the Laura Luna Elizabeth Peep Toe Pumps with a clip on accessory.

Visit the website at

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I’m Fully Adoring Kelly Rowland in Her 2012 Grammy Dress

KellyRowlandGrammyDress2012bI really really and I mean REALLY loved this dress Kelly Rowland wore to the 2012 Grammy’s. Can you guess why? All right. I love nude. I love the mesh, transparent fabric.  I adore the femininity of it. I meant to blog about this dress before but am just getting a chance. Did you love it? Whew, fan me. That 2012 Grammy’s dress is delicious!

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Kelly Rowland Spotted in Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Pumps

KellyRowlandYes, this entire post is about a pair of shoes.

I have been coveting (I should repent) these peep-toe pumps from Giuseppe Zanotti. I already have the royal blue ones on my wish list and just added the black too but these tangerine babies are calling my name. I’ve got to add them too. I think I’m making hubby nervous with all these shoes. I’ll need an entire custom made home just to house them. But I love how Kelly has paired them with jeans and a basic top. Lovely.


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