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silkywrapsI know I look like someone stole my cat but I love reviewing new products–especially AMAZING products that make you wonder what you ever did before you discovered it. When I heard about the Silky Wraps awhile ago, I knew I had to review one. I came across the creator of this product on Facebook and she sent me a pretty blue and black printed one to review. I tell no lie, from the moment I put it on I was smitten and totally in love with the sleek exclusive design.

Where do I start? I want to tell you how much I’ve needed this product in my life. I adore that it’s a silky fabric that won’t draw moisture from my natural hair and I also love that it wraps and stays snugly put all night. I literally woke up the next morning and it wasn’t stuck under my pillow or caught up in between the mattress and my headboard (which normally happens with my traditional scarf).

The other thing that I love so much about this product is that I will never ever ever again have to worry about that crazy knot in the back of my head from a traditional scarf. The Silky Wraps is fashionable and so affordable that you’ll want to buy 2 or 3 of them–which I plan on doing. Oh, and I adore how much easier it is to slip on my shower cap and not having to stuff all of my hair under it. I can just wake up with my¬†Silky Wraps slide on my shower cap and I’m done. Whether you’re natural, permed, curly or straight, I highly recommend this product!

Visit SilkyWraps.com

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