Hubby Finished His First Book Last Weekend


I love teaching, encouraging and motivating people to do what they were called to do. I’m excited about the ability that people have to create products, ideas, invent things and then turn that in to cash that they can take straight to the back. I’m so happy when my clients find success, after all that’s what it’s all about. But the success I want to talk about today hits very close to home–my hubby.

I remember when he was instructed to write a book. He thought and even said, “You’re the writer in the family.” But like I’ve been saying since 1999, “Everyone has a book in them!” That means that you and everybody else out there knows something that is “uniquely you” and even though you may not flow when it comes to writing and your words may not have the cadence of poetry–you can still write a book.

So, he bought a MacBook Air last weekend (or the week before) and downloaded Microsoft Office, and before you know it, he was in the zone and didn’t come up except to eat, sleep and go to church on Sunday. The thing I love is that he was so determined to complete what he had started. I’m so proud of him and now we’re diligently rebuilding his website: so that you can plug into him, his blog and of course purchase his book. If you need motivation or coaching to get your book published contact me at Stay tuned. His launch party is next!

Oh and the cat was just hanging out in an empty box back there the entire time for moral support.

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