How To Tell if Your Designer Handbag or Christian Louboutin Shoes are Fake


Call me whatever you want but I am not an advocate for the fakeage. I don’t do fake handbags or knockoff shoes et al. If I can’t wear the real thing I don’t wear or buy it at all. When I ran across this article on Twitter I had to cheer. I mean, when I’m dead and gone I want my wardrobe to be worth something to someone. I don’t want the value of it to be brought down by the constant fakery out there. Seriously.

Here are some diehard resources on how to tell if your handbag or those red bottoms (I hate that term though) are fake.
How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag by Deborah Jacobi for Forbes with a video.

How to Tell if Your Louis Vuitton is Fake by The Budget Fashionista with a video + Q & A.

How to Spot a Fake Bag? Check the Leather, the Stitching and Who Sold it to You by Ellie Krupnick for The Huffington Post

My Twitter friend @RozFashionista has an extensive database on websites to avoid if you’re buying Christian Louboutin products here and also if you’re a Loubie lover she has a list of places where you can get GENUINE Loubies AT A DISCOUNT without having to worry about them being fake here.

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1 Comment on How To Tell if Your Designer Handbag or Christian Louboutin Shoes are Fake

  1. Siterria Nelson
    June 7, 2014 at 6:35 am (3 years ago)

    THANKS I “TOTALLY” Agree I Don’t Carry Fake Brands Either ppl call me highly “SPOILED” and Truth Is I Am….I Work Hard On My Own Buy My Own Things Make My Own Money and my parents and Boyfriend still do for me OVER & Beyond Of Me Thinking and Asking For! So I Agree If I Can’t Get the “REAL” THING I DON’T WANT IT #TRUESTORY ;)


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