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How I Made My First Six Figures (True Story)


It was 1998 and I was a single mom, a full time student and frustrated at my 9-5 job as the secretary to the director of occupational therapy–but I was a believer. I believed that God could deliver me from having to take the bus in the snow, rain and enduring the frigid ZERO degree winter weather of New York City as my means of provision and in the process miss key moments in my teen son’s life. I didn’t know what I wanted Him to do exactly, but I know I needed a break from what seemed like a non-stop cycle on the hamster wheel of life and a check every two weeks that made laugh ever time I looked at or tried to spend it.

I prayed for God to free me from the 9 to 5 so I could be more available to my son at home. And what did God do when I earnestly prayed that? He freed me from my 9 to 5 and I self-published my first book that went on to sell lots and lots of copies (10,000 to be exact making me a 6 figure earner) without even really realizing it because my focus was just to keep pushing my book to whomever had eyes and the desire to read it.

I still had to do my part to get there. It wasn’t magic and many people ask me how I did it. Well, first I had to have the determination to start and complete it and then believe that it would be successful no matter what. By “it” of course I mean what I was led to do–write a book. Your “it” can free you. That means that even if what you’re launching isn’t a book like mine was, if you believe, you will see the fruit of that belief. I diligently wrote the book every single day on my lunch hour until it was completed, released the book and promoted not because I wanted my book to appear on legitimate best seller lists (although it did that too) but I promoted because with each sale came revenue and revenue is how I ensured my son and I would eat.

You see, I was tired of trying to inject a man into the place of provision that is God’s alone and expect him to provide, give me money or help me pay my bills when I wasn’t in a marriage covenant with any of them. I had friends who did that regularly (lining up several men so the month’s expenses were paid with ease) but having to exchange sex or even my time wasn’t worth it to me. So, when I did my part, God did His part. I wrote it (the book), and He made sure that wherever I promoted it–that it got noticed–all the way to the Michigan Citizen landing on the same page as Judge Greg Mathis announcing his new judge show. All these years later we’re both still here–him on the tv deciding cases and me, releasing books, but now coaching others how to do it too, so they can avoid the pitfalls.

I say to you, leaving my 9 to 5 wasn’t about MONEY it was about releasing me from what I felt was bondage so that I could be freed up and go forth in my calling. I wanted to be a better Mom and a better writer, yet all the while I had no idea God was pruning me to be more than even the people around me thought I could be. See yourself how God sees you. Your gifts will indeed make room for you.

My Mac Corrupted Files Testimony


My computer was down the entire month of July. It just wouldn’t boot. It’s almost 5 years old and it’s a 27″ desktop Mac. I back up my files pretty routinely too, but there were some book files I wasn’t 100% sure I had on my external drive. One afternoon while I was napping the Lord gave me a dream and in it my computer booted (I saw it) and I was able to see the files but was having trouble accessing them.

Fast forward to yesterday when I arrived at the Apple Store–the Genius Bar took a look at my computer and the guy helping me said he wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get my files back–he and tried several things to access the files to no avail. The minute he said that I rejected that thought and started praying and laid hands on the side of the computer. You know what happened next right?

Just like in my dream I was able to see the files. My terabyte external drive was at home so hubby purchased a zip and the tech began transferring the folders and files I needed. When he got to the folder I needed most (over 1000 files in there probably) there was an error. In that folder was the latest version of every book I’d ever written. I began praying again.

The tech said, “Okay!” He had located the ONE corrupt file that was preventing all of the GOOD files from saving to the zip (there’s a lesson in that and a sermon too) and he deleted it. All the files transferred over perfectly, no glitches and no error–HALLELUJAH! I praise God for the victory. I thank Him for Kord’s help at the Genius Bar and am grateful that I’m a passive income coach because when you set up passive income streams you keep earning whether you have a functioning computer or not! Father thank you!

Hubby Finished His First Book Last Weekend


I love teaching, encouraging and motivating people to do what they were called to do. I’m excited about the ability that people have to create products, ideas, invent things and then turn that in to cash that they can take straight to the back. I’m so happy when my clients find success, after all that’s what it’s all about. But the success I want to talk about today hits very close to home–my hubby.

I remember when he was instructed to write a book. He thought and even said, “You’re the writer in the family.” But like I’ve been saying since 1999, “Everyone has a book in them!” That means that you and everybody else out there knows something that is “uniquely you” and even though you may not flow when it comes to writing and your words may not have the cadence of poetry–you can still write a book.

So, he bought a MacBook Air last weekend (or the week before) and downloaded Microsoft Office, and before you know it, he was in the zone and didn’t come up except to eat, sleep and go to church on Sunday. The thing I love is that he was so determined to complete what he had started. I’m so proud of him and now we’re diligently rebuilding his website: so that you can plug into him, his blog and of course purchase his book. If you need motivation or coaching to get your book published contact me at Stay tuned. His launch party is next!

Oh and the cat was just hanging out in an empty box back there the entire time for moral support.

Don’t Grind, Don’t Hustle, Flow With God


It had to be a Wednesday prayer call where I first shared Don’t Grind, Don’t Hustle, Flow With God. It wasn’t new to me, the concept that is. I never felt like I fit in with those who are always talking about hustling and grinding. That wasn’t me. When I put God’s plan into action there is an ease and a flow about it that it almost seems effortless. It’s not rough, pushy or aggressive or even abrasive as the definition describes. So when He said to create these tees I was excited. I really wanted to get people on board with the mindset of “flowing with God.”

In the process I learned 3 things:

1. When you flow with God you aren’t trying to figure out how to make things happen. You leave that up to Him and He’s all right with taking on the task. Some people are so used to everything requiring “hard work” so this is more difficult for them to get, but not impossible.

2. Grinding is the equivalent of BUSY and we all know that “busy” isn’t necessarily productivity. When I flow with God I find myself doing things that are purposeful and bring me to the end goal–whatever He says that is. That’s how you f-l-o-w.

3. Hustling while frequently used in slang terms to mean: “to earn one’s living by illicit or unethical means” – I had to realize that’s so NOT me. And you may be saying, “That’s not what I mean when I say “hustle”, but words are important and I refuse to even put it in the atmosphere that I’m hustling anything or anybody. That makes it easier again to do “only” what He says and leave it up to Him to bring forth the increase.

Are you grinding? Are you hustling? I urge you today to change your vocabulary.

FLOW WITH GOD instead.


Obediently Planting the Grow Your Dreams Conference




When the Lord spoke through an Apostle (Apostle Candace N. Ford) and told me that I’d be hosting live conferences, immediately I cringed and then I braced myself to walk in obedience. I had already hosted my first virtual business conference and that was right up my alley because there was nowhere to travel to and I didn’t have to leave the comfort of my home. But God wasn’t satisfied with that. He needed me to leave my comfort zone to take me where He desired for me to go. So I launched my first LIVE conference in April 2015. We just wrapped up the 3rd Annual Grow Your Dreams Conference in April, 2016 which has now been renamed the Grow Your Dreams Prophetic Business Conference and I tell you this: WHEN YOU ARE OBEDIENT THEY WILL COME.

Now of course I’m talking about a conference, but the same rules apply when you’re writing a book or launching a business too. If He is telling you to do it, you better believe that He is going to pique the attention of the people He is requiring to tap into whatever it is that you are doing. I didn’t end up on The Today Show all by myself. Honestly, it’s not for us to figure out, we just have to flow with God. And that’s what I did. And what was the outcome? Lives were transformed, people were infused and ignited in their purpose and they can’t stop talking about the events and are making plans to do it again each year. Why? Because when you are obedient, God handles all the extras.

What is God urging you to trust Him with today? The steady growth of your business? The increased sales of your book? The launch of your idea, product or service? How to reach your target audience? We serve a God of miracles and yes He could totally allow you to explode and become well-known overnight. However, oftentimes, there are things that He will need for you/us to do. Our job is to get quiet, sit at His feet and get those instructions and then diligently carry them out. Once you do that, He is responsible for the growth and success of what you’ve obediently planted. I urge you today, don’t stand watching barren ground, obediently plant something and then watch for His word to testify in your life.


Tapping Into The Millionaire In Me


True story: I kept trying to post this article on 7 Powerful Habits of A Self Made Millionaire on my fan page and for some reason Facebook wouldn’t pull up the image that has on the article. It kept pulling up “MY” picture instead. I started to get a bit annoyed after trying to post it 3 or 4 times and then I heard Holy Spirit whisper to me: LOOK. I looked at the title of the article and my picture and made the connection of me and “millionaire”. All I could say is, “I receive it Father!”

Here’s what else I learned:

1. God wants me to be RICH. Not just where money is concerned, but He wants me to have a rich spiritual life and a rich body with my health not caving in to the common ailments in the land. All I have to do to receive it is to know what His word says, and learn how to activate what His word says. He wants this for you too!

2. He will give us a plan to get wealth if we put down so much of the “stuff” that is really clutter and keeps us too busy to realize how little we’re accomplishing and instead dedicate time to communing with Him. In His presence is where you’ll find the best secrets and download your most prized products and services too. I know I have gotten inventions and business ideas just sitting at His feet. They were falling like ripe apples from trees.

3. He assists me so that I can assist others. He really does. My business is about helping others birth their books, businesses, products and ideas, so, if I didn’t have anyone to help, sure He could still steer me into another lane, but my perfect fit is helping people, whether it’s through books, products or services I love sharing what I know.

Check out the habits I was trying to share via this link.

A Brand New Six Figure Journey


It’s April, 2016 and I finally got it. It took me awhile–years even. I was torn between teaching clients how to birth their dreams and give life to the things they’ve always hoped for which includes non-profits for women and children, clothing lines, fragrance lines, inventions, publishing companies and other things, but then it became a struggle to keep up with my fashion blog. Blah! Then one evening while I was watching television it came like a flash: I wasn’t limited to just teaching about earning passive streams of income through Six Figure Your Passion™ but I could actually just introduce “you” the readers to the lifestyle of entrepreneurship. This could and will include the behind the scenes prep work to launching a product, events I’ve hosted and just my life and how different its become since I started plugging in to what I know and stop taking shorts when it comes to earning what I’m worth. Trust me, although I still love fashion, this isn’t about showing off, moreso it’s about allowing people a sneak peek and encouraging them with the fact that ANYBODY can do what I do and have what I have if they are dedicated enough. Forgive me in advance if you initially began following me here for shoes, designer fashions and lots of giveaways. You may still get some of that, but my vision is calling and I must fulfill it. Stay tuned! I have a LOT to share. You can also connect with my Facebook page here.

Yes, I’m back!

The Best Cornbread Recipe Ever!


Every six figure earner should know how to make corn bread like this.

I’m not one of those who had the luxury of having my grandmother’s cornbread recipe passed down to me. I didn’t even graduate to making cornbread that wasn’t from a box until just a few years ago. I tried Martha Stewart’s recipe, because well her pancake recipe is OUTSTANDING, but her cornbread recipe didn’t do it for me. But when I stumbled upon the Betty Crocker recipe–I hit payday! I had to double the recipe below so that it could have the thickness that I like my cornbread to have. Here you go:


Butter to grease pan
1/4 cup butter or margarine (1/2 stick)
1 cup milk
1 large egg
1 1/4 cups yellow, white or blue cornmeal
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt


1 Heat the oven to 400°F. Spray the bottom and sides of an 8-inch square pan or 9-inch round cake pan with the cooking spray.

2 In a 1-quart saucepan, heat the butter over low heat until melted.

3 In a large bowl, beat the melted butter, milk and egg with a fork or wire whisk until well mixed. Add the cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder and salt all at once; stir just until the flour is moistened (batter will be lumpy). Pour batter into the pan; use a rubber spatula to scrape batter from bowl. Spread batter evenly in pan and smooth top of batter.

4 Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Serve warm.

Sooooo yummy. If you try it I want to know!

Those Elusive MOR Candles

Yes this is a six figure product.

Years ago someone sent me a MOR candle. She had a shop with a lot of pretty things and she was liquidating. I purchased a candle directly from her inventory and when I received it in the mail it was broken. However, the candles smelled so delicious that I remember sitting the broken candle and glass pieces on the counter just so the gorgeous fragrance could waft through my home. Today I woke up needing candles really badly. The woman I normally purchased candles from was Yum Yum Candles and she lived in New Jersey, however, she closed her shop.

So I went searching for these MOR candles only to find them just about SOLD OUT everywhere in the United States. MOR is an Australian company, however, I did grab a few candles on clearance from various outlets. Trust me, they were not cheap, but I simply adored their fragrances and the packaging is sooooo pretty. I didn’t know which to choose. Blood Orange enticed me at first, but after an exhaustive search I couldn’t find that scent anywhere, so I opted for Lychee Flower, Indian Pomelo and the Hibiscus Bloom. I can’t wait for them to get here. It’s insane what you have to do for a candle nowadays.

 GET IT HERE. (Hurry! They’re on Clearance!)

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