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Misty Copeland and Olu Evans Engaged!


Ballerina Misty Copeland opened up about awhile ago about her lawyer boyfriend (now fiance) Olu Evans:

It took me finding a person that respected me, that allowed me to still fulfill what i wanted in my career. That was most important to me. I always said, ‘no man is coming in and taking me away from ballet.’ And that was so important to me that the person I ended up with was going to support me in every way, because my career is so important to me.”

“And I knew immediately when he wasn’t afraid of hearing or seeing me so damaged – and that he wanted to help because he cared about me as a person.”

Lascivious Seamed Heart Stockings

lasciviousseamedstockingsI must tell you that planning my vow renewal ceremony is just about as hectic as planning a wedding. I have been searching high and low for the perfect stockings and I love these because I wanted something seamed and I adore the cute heart at the top, however, they don’t come in white *sad face* so I’ve determined that everything under my dress, including my stockings will be black. I look better in black lingerie anyway. If you haven’t checked out the UK brand Lascivious here is a link.

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Red Velvet Macarons with Cream Cheese Filling


I filed these under “weddings” because they’re perfect for the occasion.

I think these are so cute. I’ve never made them but I want to try. I am all for anything that has gooey cream in the middle and these look totally delightful. I copped the recipe from the, so try it if you’d like. The only thing is that you’ll need a digital scale so that you can calculate the ingredients into grams.

For the Macaron Shells:
105g almond meal (flour)
130g confectioners sugar
1 Tablespoon dutch processed cocoa powder
1 teaspoon red food coloring (liquid not gel)
90g egg whites (3 eggs worth)
65g granulated sugar

For the Macaron Filling:
3 oz cream cheese, softened
2 Tablespoons butter, room temperature
1 1/2 c confectioners sugar
pinch salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
- – -
Instructions for the Shells:
*line 2 standard baking sheets with parchment paper
1. Sift together almond meal, confectioners sugar and cocoa, set aside
2. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, whip egg whites and food coloring until foamy; stream in granulated sugar and whip until stiff peaks form
3. Fold dry ingredients into the egg whites in two additions, mixing well with a spatula (for exact macaron mixing instructions, click here)
4. Fill a piping bag with macaron batter and pipe small, 1″ circles onto prepared baking sheets
5. Rap baking sheet on the counter twice to release any air bubbles that might cause cracking during the baking process
6. Let your macarons rest for 20-30 minutes on the counter (or until their surface is no longer tacky to the touch)
7. Pre-heat oven to 275F
8. Bake rested macarons for 16-18 minutes
9. Cool before peeling from tray and filling with cream cheese icing (recipe follows)

Instructions for the Cream Cheese Filling:
1. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment cream together butter and cream cheese until smooth
2. Sift in confectioners sugar in three additions, scraping down the bowl in between each addition
3. Add salt and vanilla; mix until incorporated
4. Pipe onto the flat side of 1/2 of your cooled, peeled macarons and sandwich with another cookie of similar size


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Don’t You Just Adore This Gorgeous Elie Saab Wedding Gown


I am totally and completely in love with this dress. I know it’s not as conservative as I’d usually go, but it is adorable. If I could locate it, this would totally be my wedding dress. I love Elie Saab. Gorgeous. Yes, making progress with the vow renewal.

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The Marshawn Evans and Jack Daniels Wedding

coupleI’ve been watching Marshawn Evans as a coach for years (she was a former contestant on The Apprentice) and when she got engaged to Jack Daniels I started following him as well. It was so amazing how their purposes collided. When she started planning her wedding I was so excited for her, even their countdown to the wedding photos were so cute. I didn’t attend but I am familiar with several people who did. I wish them nothing but love, long life and happiness as they go forth in their purpose together. After all that’s what the Love Better Institute is all about.


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The Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Wedding


You’ve got to give it to the paparazzi for getting the photo scoop. Granted the photos are grainy, however, it’s either that or getting no photos at all. It appears that many of the celebs are doing the same thing, leaving no proof that they were married, so it’s really left up to family, friends or anyone who can sneak a photo to capture the moment. It looks like Ashlee and Evan are in great company with Gabrielle and Dwayne and Jenny and Donnie. Congrats all!



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The Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Wedding

jennymccarthyweddingSherrie Shepherd attended Jenny McCarthy’s wedding to Donnie Wahlberg this past Sunday (August 31, 2014). Just like Gabrielle and Dwayne this is the second marriage for Jenny and Donnie as well. The two have been dating a little over a year. “The very first time I saw him, I was in the eighth grade and New Kids on the Block was on MTV,” McCarthy has said of Wahlberg’s boy band days. “I thought Donnie was the hottest one.” Donnie’s brother Mark didn’t make the ceremony, however, he did post a video wishing the couple well. We’re happy for them too. Love is in the air!

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The Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade Wedding

The Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade WeddingGabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade tied the knot on August 30, 2014. I remember years ago when the blogs started reporting that Gabrielle was dating Dwayne she denied it and lashed out at bloggers in general, but finally she came out with it. Nevertheless, I love to celebrate marriage and I say congrats to anyone who is willing to say, “I love you enough to marry you!” My thought process is please learn how to make a marriage last. Wishing them the best. this is the second marriage for both of them. Uhh, that’s an adorable 8.5 cushion cut ring too!

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Finally Deciding on A Wedding Dress . . . Yolan Cris


Honestly I’ve been procrastinating when it comes to choosing a dress. I want something simple yet feminine, yet I don’t want something overly frilly. Meaning, I don’t want to look like I’m going to prom or like I’ve been ripped from the pages of the Victoria era. When I came across this photo of this Yolan Cris gown on Facebook from Bridal Tribe, I loved it but wasn’t sure if I would go with it because it almost looks like it could pass for a slip. I think it’s stellar for a summer wedding though and would look perfect with my bun. The only drawback, my major boobs. I don’t want to be indecent and all over the place. I’m still looking.

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