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My Favorite Things – SolesUp Edition


My name is Fania aka Fani aka Funky Church Lady aka Shuzie! I am an independent stylist, image consultant and blogger! I have a personal style blog called From the Soles Up on which I showcase the way that I dress and the styles that I consider relevant for women who, like me, desire to be funky and stylish while being modest. Funky, modest budget fashionistas need to have wardrobe foundations and here are a few of my “favorite things” . . .

Flats, wedges, stilettos, platforms……I love sandals in any reincarnation!! In the summertime my faves are strappy flats and strappy heels but I wear sandals almost all year long! A favorite slogan of mine is – toes out til the snow’s out! Oh and peep toe sandals are a blessing from the Lord!!!!!

They are the only thing that I must have in my makeup bag……although I probably should have a bunch of other things. Lipglosses are the perfect balance between lipstick (which I find uncomfortable) and Vaseline….lol. My faves are Lancome Juicy Tubes, Tarte lip pencils and glosses and Buxom lip glosses. These come in a variety of flattering shades and aren’t too heavy and the lip pencils give me color and the option to layer with any of the glosses for deeper color if needed.

TartLipGlossDenim Toppers
If you’ve ever visited my blog (shameless plug) then you will know that I am a denim advocate, I love all things denim but I favor denim tops. I think they are seasonless and easy to dress up or down and should be a wardrobe staple for every woman, no matter age, size or budget. To go a bit further, I also think denim jackets are a necessary component of a wardrobe for the same reasons and they have the added benefit of being a layering piece for cooler climes and times.

I loooooooooove skirts!!! They are feminine and every woman can wear a skirt and feel her most feminine and beautiful. Skirts do what dresses sometimes cannot by giving a woman a chance to size differently on top and on the bottom. Sometimes women are not the same size on both halves of her body and a skirt fixes that problem quickly. My fave skirts are full colorful midi skirts (ones that fall a bit below the knee), but I also adore a well-fitting pencil skirt……..pair a cute skirt with a denim shirt, some cute sandals the right accessories and your fave gloss and you’re ready for the world…or at least the day!!

skirtIf you enjoyed Fania’s guest contribution, don’t forget to visit her personal style blog From the Soles Up and enjoy!

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Pretty and Pink in Valentino + Lilac Casedei

pinkdressI always fall in love with these GORGEOUS pieces prior to seeing the price tag! Looking for a pretty pink dress for book cover photo and I stumbled upon this one. I don’t even remember how.

Okay so I have a book of relationship tips coming out. I want to be “on” the cover. This pretty pink dress just floored me when I saw it. I have the perfect shoes for the dress too. They were orginally going to be my wedding shoes but I upgraded my wedding shoes. They’re a pretty lilac Casedei triple platform pump. You probably don’t get the “full effect” of the lilac in this photo but I think it would seriously do the cover justice. The dress however is Valentino. So of course that means the price is BOOM! POW! Get the details here. Decisions, decisions.

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Nicki Minaj in Giuseppe Zanotti Equals a Blown Shoe Budget

Nicki Minaj shows off her bubble gum pink Lamborghini after the launch of her 'Nicki Minaj' Collection at Kmart in Los AngelesI’ve never been a fan of white boots and then Nicki Minaj burst onto the scene at a Kmart Collection launch last October in  these beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti Snakeskin Print Peep Toe Booties and I’ve been salivating and waiting for them to come back in stock ever since.

GiuseppeZanotti_White_BootiesFarfetch and Giuseppe Zanotti and even Neiman Marcus are all saying SOLD OUT. But I’m a true shoe lover and I’m a hopeful one at that. There goes my shoe budget! Size 8 please!

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Casadei Grecian Dress Sandals


These sandals will make you the belle of the ball. Gorgeous black leather sandal trimmed in gold accents. The woven gold strap just makes it for me. This modest 4.5″ heel should make this shoe more manageable than most and they’re very pretty. This pair is certain to be perfect for date night, an evening at the theater or more. Splurge! When I first posted them they were Originally $670.00 and then they were 45% Off! But now they’ve reverted back to their original price! I guess you’ve got to get it while it HOT!


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Giuseppe Zanotti Grommet Peep Toe Ankle Boots

giuseppe-zanotti-bootsRemember I always say that in the spring and summer you can find awesome sales on boots and in the fall and winter you can find amazing deals on sandals and shoes. Well, I’m revisiting some of the fab styles I’ve been eyeing and let’s just say the prices have dropped by the hundreds.


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One Of My Favorite Shoe Giveaways Betsey Johnson Bardot Pumps

betseyJohnsonbardotpumpsIf you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you know that we’ve (sponsors + me) given away a BOATLOAD of shoes. I don’t do that anymore because it’s time consuming and most of the time sponsors didn’t want to offer the host (me) a pair of shoes (side eye), however here is one of my top favorites ever. The Betsey Johnson Bardot Pumps were just so sleek, glamorous and everybody wanted to win them. We had over 112 entries, however, the heel, the platform and the peep-toe made this a shoe that you would run out and buy even if you didn’t win it in our contest. That’s what I did. I bought it. Lovely and comfy!

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Are Uggs Really As Bad For Your Feet As People Claim?

pinkuggsUggs are touted the most comfortable thing that many people have ever worn on their feet. They’re actually structured like slippers that you can wear out in public. People run errands in them, some go to work in them and by the condition of many I’ve seen, many practically LIVE in them. They come in a variety of colors and styles. However, many wonder, are they REALLY as bad for your feet as people claim or is that just hype drummed up by the competition?

Dr. Ian Drysdale is the head of the British College of Osteopateic Medicine. He told the British paper the Mirror, “Because these boots are warm and soft, young girls think they are giving their feet a break. In fact, they are literally breaking their feet.” And I’ve heard the same thing among friends who love heels. They believe that wearing Uggs and boots like it is a way to give their feet a break between wearing very high heels.

But he goes on to share, “Their feet are sliding around inside. With each step, the force falls towards the inside of the foot and the feet splay,” Drysdale  explained. “This flattens the arch and makes it drop. The result can be significant problems with the foot, the ankle, and, ultimately, the hip.”

It’s not the short periods of time it’s the extended wear that’s ruining women’s feet an article in The Daily News from 2010 says. And although tiny Uggs are so adorable to look at, if they’re doing damage to the feet of adult women, let’s take a moment to consider what they are doing to teen girls whose bones are still growing and are more vulnerable.

In short, you can’t prevent your feet from sliding around in Uggs, but if you’re going to wear them, add some type of support so that your arches aren’t affected. Ruining your feet for fashion or comfort truly isn’t worth it. That old cliche “fashion is pain” is dead and buried. Let’s not revive it.

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Stop Blind Shopping: Build a Wardrobe Instead


I love fashion, but I don’t shop much and people are always shocked to hear a woman say that, however, I don’t have to shop much. It’s not that I don’t like to shop, but I am careful what I buy and I don’t let myself get enticed with sales and other bright signs. I have a pair of lilac linen slacks that I bought at the Gap 8 years ago and they are still in fabulous condition. Fact is, I hear people squeal at how much things cost and I think to myself, those are probably the same people that have to go out every single summer and fall and buy a whole new wardrobe because everything in their closet is worn to shreds. Most people don’t know it, but there is a key to shopping. Quality. And trust me, quality doesn’t always mean inflated prices.

Quality means, knowing what you’re buying, learn to buy to last and be mindful of cost, but average how many times you’d have to replace an inexpensive piece to justify buying a pricier garment. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the no-no fabrics. If you’re intent on building a wardrobe, keep cottons to a minimum. I know, we love cotton because we can get tops for $3.99 and $5.99, but cotton fades, it gets unsightly lint balls and when cotton stretches and gets out of shape–there isn’t a thing you can do about it. That means that the cute cotton top you bought at the beginning of the summer will be used to polish your car in the fall. If you absolutely must buy cotton (because it does breathe rather well), keep cotton for the tops and even then keep it to a minimum because tops made of rayon or a linen/cotton blend wear better, fit better and last so much longer.

Polyester is another enticing fabric, enticing because, yes, it’s cute and affordable to manufacture, but once polyester snags–it’s not very nice at all to see strings flying away from your skirt, pants, dress or having to walk around snipping the strings off with a scissors. And if you snag a garment that has a pattern, well, polyester will almost never line up for you. When you tug the fabric, the misalignment will be noticeable. That’s why polyester should have stayed back in the 70′s. It’s outdated and not very durable. Spandex is another fashion no-no. I’ve seen so many designers eager to design suit separates with that new cotton spandex blend fabric and while it looks good on the hanger, the lint balls that develop from slight wear (especially between the legs on pants) are outrageously embarrassing. A year from now you will not even recognize that cotton spandex pant suit in your closet, so, it’s best to skip it all together.

By now you’re saying, “Well, what can I buy?” One of the first things I look at when I eye a product for potential purchase is the tag. Not the price–I need to know specifically what it is made out of. it’s suffice to say that my top favorites fabrics are rayon, wool crepe, linen and silk. Rayon it a true to size fabric. If you have a top, pair of slack or skirt in rayon, it will maintain its shape, color and size (meaning it won’t shrink when you dry clean it). Wool crepe is excellent and among my favorites. Every suit hanging in my closet with the exception of maybe three are wool crepe. I love to buy suits that come with a skirt or slacks so that I can wear the bottoms with another top. I also buy the sheath or plain tank dress and often opt to wear the dress alone as well and dress it up with a colorful neck scarf.

Wool crepe is a flattering fabric and you definitely get years of wear out of anything made from wool crepe. One reason I love wool crepe is that, it’s is wool, but it’s woven light enough to wear all year ’round. Crepe thankfully is not as heavy as the basic wool we’re all familiar with and a year ’round fabric will allow you to wear your suit in the winter and the pants or the skirt with a pretty feminine top in the summer. Linens are great too if you’re endeavoring to build a wardrobe. They work well with tops in the summer and also dress up with a blazer too in the fall. The only downside to linen is that it wrinkles very easily and the wrinkles are hard to get out on your own, but a linen suit, blouse or skirt will last you for years. Now, last but not least on my list is silk. Silk is a delicate albeit not a very forgiving fabric, meaning that it doesn’t “give” much and depending on the cut you may have to go up a size because if silk fits too snug it will tear.

But all in all if you eliminate purchasing the kinds of pieces that don’t last and replace them with the ones that do, you can begin building an impressive wardrobe in no time. And of course, you won’t have to run out and replace an entire wardrobe every year. Imagine the savings. Now you can just walk into a department store or dress shop and know that you only need to “enhance” your wardrobe with carefully selected pieces that meet your level of durability–start all over from scratch every season.

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Thrilled About My Upcoming Photo Shoot

photoshootI’m so thrilled about my upcoming photo shoot. I’ve pulled these three outfits. The green top is more of a Kelly green than it probably looks in the photos and I’ll be pairing it with a cute pair of tattered jeans. You may not be able to tell but the middle dress is navy pinstriped and I totally adore the pink dress. It fits like a glove. I call it my Mary Mary dress. Excited to have some new updated photos soon.

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Feather Skirt + Silk Blouse Inspiration

featherskirtThis feather skirt and sea blue silk blouse is making me want to go and play in my closet. Simply adorable. I’m at a loss for words. Fashion like this is the reason why I started this blog. I would create an event just to have some place to wear this! Date night perhaps!

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