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Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer



I am a SUCKER for pretty packaging. I would buy this polish just for the bottle. So, adorable. Shades pictured are “Plastic Beach” (top) and “Fauntleroy” (bottom). I’m sure you remember Hard Candy polish from back in the day. This is the same creator. Here’s what it says:

Smith & Cult was created by beauty veteran Dineh Mohajer, the voice of our beauty junkie, who revolutionized the color cosmetics industry when she launched Hard Candy. Several years and creative collaborations later, Mohajer is bringing about the next evolution of beauty with Smith & Cult.Smith and Cult’s Nailed Lacquer consistently delivers both flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine. While custom tailored to provide high performance, the exclusive 5-Free formula is formulated without Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.


TAJJ Cosmetics Deja and Chic Lipstick

A good friend of mine turned me on to TAJJ Cosmetics! When I received the Deja and the Chic lipsticks in the mail I couldn’t wait to try them both! In the video above I’m wearing Deja but let me tell you what I really think about the TAJJ products:


  • Vibrant Colors that Pop! When I think of Spring I think of colors that remind of the flowers that are blooming all around me and the vibrancy of these two colors are a perfect fit for my Spring and Summer wardrobe.
  • Creamy Consistency! This is hands down the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever worn. It actually puts other brands that people probably use faithfully to shame. I noticed not just how easily it glides on but how even after awhile it still remains creamy.
  • Long Lasting! A lipstick that is long lasting is a WINNER in my book. This brand lasts and lasts and lasts.
  • Packaging is Top Notch! I’m a packaging person. The way a product is packaged can make or break my loyalty to it. I love the sturdy lipstick tubes.

Needless to say, I am a FAN for life!

P.S. TAJJ Cosmetics is the creator of The Incredible Corn Concealer. You’ll have to see it and try it and you’ll be SOLD too!


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My New Favorite NYX Matte Lipsticks

meowRemember when I said I ordered a few new NYX colors in the mail? Well they’re here! It’s really a nude and its so nude that you may not really even be able to see it on my lips. It’s NYX Matte Butter Lipstick. I adore it. I think as long as you don’t put on too much then it doesn’t make your lips appear ashy. But if you put on just enough . . . perfect!

NYXMatteLipstickI also ordered the Pure Red (it’s the color in the middle) and I’m not as crazy about that shade as I thought I’d be. It’s not a red at all and it’s louder and more orange than anything I’d wear. You know the shocking pink (the color on the  left), I wore it here, and I like how it looks on me. Overall, they are vibrant shades with lasting color. I may experiment with more shades they offer. The possibilities are endless.

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Day Three Bath & Body Goat Milk Moisturizer


I love caring for my skin, it’s one of the reasons I don’t look my age. For the most part my skin has always been good. A few blemishes here and there due to some medications, but I have always been big on exfoliation and moisturizing. There was a time when I got tired of using all of those over the counter factory brands with chemicals and other things that I couldn’t pronounce in them. Then I found Day Three. You remember when I mentioned them generally here, but I wanted to specifically highlight their Goat Milk Moisturizer. Their Goat Milk Moisturizer is AMAZING!

First of all it’s unscented (which is very important to me) and it’s made with fresh goat’s milk, shea butter, organic honey and aloe–all things that are good for the skin. The combination always leaves my skin feeling supple, never greasy and is perfect for harsh winter winds as well as the summer sun. I don’t know how else to say it except, if you love your skin, put down that other stuff and go get you some.


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A Protective Hair Style for My Natural Hair


I’m natural. My hair is in its natural state. What that means is my hair is “chemical free”. Well, with the exception of the blonde patch. Okay, so, not so natural. But with the cold and harsh winter, my hair can become brittle so I decided to opt for a protective style (above) to protect my hair below from the elements. My girlfriend Shamine asked for a “full view” yesterday on Facebook welp, here you go sis! Like you said, you like it long and straight! I have it all swept to one side. I’m still getting used to all this hair, but I really do like the bang.

BlondeDominiqueWhat do you think? I mean you see how unruly my hair can get? I just need a break. A girl has so much to do on a daily basis as it is already. I mean, really. Oh and shout out to my girl Nellie of Nelesc Designs for the fabulous royal blue tee! I adore her stuff! You really should stop over there a take a peek!

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Why I’m Loving NYX Matte Lipstick

NYXMatteLipstickI’ve never really been a lipstick person, however, I am totally loving NYX Matte lipsticks. They are so creamy, smooth and very long lasting. I just ordered 2 new shades that I’m waiting for in the mail and I can’t wait to try them on and see how they work for me. I’m craving spring and look forward to mixing, matching and doing it up a little bit. What’s your favorite NYX shade?

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My Wedding Nails Will Probably Be a Little Ridiculous


Okay now that we’ve got all of that chocolate, candy hearts, he did buy me, he didn’t buy me stuff out of the way I wanted to share my thoughts on my nails for my vow renewal ceremony. Remember my post where I asked if you were a nail over doer or under doer? Normally I’m pretty netural but I want to vamp it up for the wedding. Or should I say that’s what my plans are. My plan is to do a pretty pink Essie color I found called “No Baggage Please” with a metallic half moon color called “No Place Like Chrome” and then I wanted to silver stud out at least one finger on each hand and I am toying with rhinestones on one finger, but not on both hands, but I’m on the fence about that. If I do the rhinestones it may be just the ring finger to keep the BLING momentum going, oh, and a Chanel applique on just one finger. I know, I know. What do you think? Of course I totally dig the idea.

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Are You A Nail Over Doer or Under Doer?

overdoerunderdoerWhen it comes to nails are you an over doer or under doer? I mean, do you like to get really fun and outrageous when it comes to nail design or are you comfortable being neutral and muted? I stay true to muted colors and French manicures on my nails and lean more towards bright colors like pinks and lilacs when it comes to pedicures. However, when it comes to my wedding I think I may actually do it up, add some appliques and rhinestone it up a bit. I want to keep it in theme with my dress and shoes, but not take it too over the top. What do you think?

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What I Wore to the Relationship Conference in Virginia Beach

PrincessDominiqueIt was a little brisk as I headed out. I was a speaker at the Where is My Boaz? Where is My Ruth? Dual Relationship Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday. I spoke on Marriage and how to keep your marriage intact, after you say, “I Do”. I touched on more than just keeping the sex healthy, but how to “Be Loving” to your spouse and how to Keep the “Boundaries” intact and TURN OFF those blasted devices so that you can connect with your spouse.

accessoriesSeveral people asked about my accessories. Well, my lipstick specifically was Shocking Pink by NYX. You can get it here for about $6. The dangling 3 strand black bead earrings my sister made. They are made to order. You can inbox me or leave a comment if you’d like a pair. And the sunnies are Emilio Pucci and they are my favorites.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink.

NinaShoesI paired a cute vintage looking 2 piece black and white sweater set with a silk pair of Nina shoes. My outfit was simple and classic. I pretty much sit around in my leggings and tees so when I have the opportunity to dress up I take it so I enjoyed myself immensely and I was thrilled to be able to share what I know about relationships.


This tip is from my Facebook page:

One point I made in the relationship conference was teach people to respect your quality time with your spouse. When you get home from work is NOT the time for family and friends to start calling and texting and emailing you about non – emergency information that can surely wait. It’s the time to PLUG IN to your spouse after being away from each other all day. Marriages don’t run on cruise control. Give couples breathing room. Couples don’t be afraid to turn your phone OFF! Learn to unconnect from the world and connect to your covenant.

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How to Go From Day To Night With Your Makeup

Makeup infogrpahic by Macy’s

This post is sponsored by Macy’s. I was invited to this opportunity by Blue Polo Interactive and received a Macy’s gift card for my time. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.”

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